Monday, April 27, 2015

The Shifting Role of Super PAC's In US Election Campaigns

The Supreme Court decision that equated the ability of large donors to fund political campaigns with "free speech" as protected under the Constitution,  has transformed Democracy in the US.  Super PAC's, which are able to collect unlimited funds to finance campaign spending, are becoming  Campaign Center for presidential campaigns.  For example, officials from the Bush Campaign have moved to a PAC that funds the Bush Campaign.  This in violation of the law which was intended to prevent PAC's from exercising their right to "free speech" on behalf of specific candidates.  The law is not being enforced by the Federal Election Commission. 

Democracies have always been at risk from powerful interest groups.  The rules that have limited the power of interest groups have been weakened by the Supreme Court decision.  Political candidates have become more beholding to those who fund their campaigns.  It is becoming harder to distinguish democratic elections from a market system based on the price system.

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