Sunday, April 26, 2015

Is Kansas The Model For A Tea Party America?

This article describes the politics in Kansas under Sam Brownback who has enacted legislation that reflects the social conservatism of his Tea Party inspired base in Kansas.  In the movie "Alice In Wonderland" a young child, living in Kansas, falls into an imaginary hole and discovers a wonderland.  She told her dog Toto that "this isn't Kansas".  Under Sam Brownback Kansas has become a wonderland.  His policies describe the political wonderland of a state that has been able to enact laws which are common in the modern Republican Party.  Perhaps we will wake up one day and say that this Tea Party wonderland isn't America. 

Under Brownback, Kansas has offered a concentrated form of what most national Republicans claim to want. Tax cuts for the wealthy, tax increases and reduced benefits for the poor, arbitrary interference with the reproductive freedom of women, and increased discrimination against gays and lesbians. Voters next November should ask themselves whether they want this ghastly agenda to be repeated on a national scale.

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