Friday, April 24, 2015

The 2016 Election And The Return Of The Zombies

An Australian economist wrote a book about zombie economic ideas.  He called them zombie ideas because, like zombies, they never die.  They are the living dead.  Paul Krugman picked up on the notion of zombie ideas, and he describes a few of them that are being promoted by GOP presidential candidates in the GOP primaries.  They advocate zombie ideas because they have a religious status among hard core conservatives who vote in GOP primaries.  They don't die because they are an article of faith.  They cannot be killed by contradictory evidence that Krugman presents in this article.  The hard core conservatives that show up in the GOP primaries did not acquire their zombie ideas by accident.  They have been well taught by those who benefit from them and they are treated with more respect than they deserve by media which tries hard not to offend true believers.  We will be exposed to zombie economic ideas, along with a strong sprinkling of "American Exceptionalism", until the madness ends in 2016.

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