Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Strange Marriage Between The GOP And The Tea Party

I have relatives who are members of the Tea Party.  They are also Republicans. The Affordable Healthcare Act cemented their relationship with the GOP.  They opposed giving taxpayer money to people who they did not respect.  Some of those who opposed ACA were also dependent upon Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security.  Somehow, the Republican Party convinced them that it was the Party that represented their value system.  They were opposed to anything that could be called liberal or progressive.  The GOP bill which abolishes the estate tax benefits a small fraction of families.  It does not benefit of any my relatives who belong to the Tea Party.  The GOP will pay for the tax cuts to our wealthiest families by cutting benefits that go to our poorest families which includes many of my relatives who belong to the Tea Party.  It will try to sell this to Tea Partiers by positioning the lost benefits as anti-liberal and anti-progressive.  It will probably work.

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