Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Battle Between Fox News And Donald Trump Is Bad News For GOP

Donald Trump decided not to participate in the next GOP debate that it will host.  Trump declared that the Fox host for the event is biased against him.  Fox defended its host and the debate will proceed without its star performer who "fired Fox".  This creates a much bigger problem than it would appear on the surface.  Fox News is the major source of information for "conservatives".  It has positioned itself against the so called mainstream media, which according to Fox, has a liberal bias.  Trump claims that Fox and the MSM are biased against him and his fans believe him.  That is damaging to Fox's market positioning as the source of unbiased news for conservatives.  Moreover, it will create real problems for Fox and the GOP if Trump wins the GOP nomination.  It will be hard for Fox to follow its normal procedure which is to support the GOP candidate and criticize the Democratic nominee in the general election.  If it takes a more neutral position in the general election many of its followers will regard it as part of the MSM.  The GOP will have also lost its primary source of propaganda.

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