Tuesday, January 12, 2016

David Brooks Crucifies Ted Cruz

David Brooks is arguably the conservative spokesperson with the largest following among educated readers. His description of Ted Cruz's character is devastating. It is an opinion that is shared by many of his Republican colleagues in the Senate.  Unfortunately, he is the favorite to win the primary in Iowa and he has is only surpassed by Donald Trump in the national polls.  The majority of Republican primary voters approve of the messages that are being delivered by Cruz and Trump.  The political party that Brooks represents is the party of Cruz and Trump.  Marco Rubio, who is the best alternative to Cruz and Trump according to Brooks, is not that different from Cruz or Trump in the policies that he advocates.  All of the GOP primary candidates have moved closer to Cruz and Trump as the campaign has progressed.  They have learned what their base is looking for.  They are a sorry lot but that is what their Party has become

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