Friday, January 15, 2016

Two Ways Of Reporting On The Last GOP Debate

One of the editorial writers for the Washington Post explained why he was not happy with much of the debate.  The contenders for the GOP nomination spent some of the time attacking each other.  They spent the rest of the time competing with each other for the honor of telling the best horror story about the failures of the Obama Administration, and how it has weakened our country.  If Hillary Clinton is elected the destruction will be complete.  Its hard to determine who won the debate over the ruination of our great nation that has been doing quite well in a weak global economy and in response to a civil war in the Mid-East. 

Jennifer Rubin, one of the conservative writers for the Washington Post,  provided a more traditional description of the prize fight.  She acted as a referee and awarded points and demerits to each of the brawlers in the debate.  Some of them landed good blows and others didn't belong in the contest. She concluded by awarding her decision to Marco Rubio.  It was an entertaining battle but Rubio, who has been her favorite for some time, was awarded the victory.  Unfortunately, one of the contenders may become our president and will have to lead our government in difficult times.  Winning the prize fight is not a good audition for that job.

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