Friday, January 22, 2016

Republcan National Committee Changes GOP Debate

The National Review was founded by the leader of the conservative revolution against the liberalism that characterized the anti-war movement in the late 1960's.  It spawned the Young Americans for Freedom organization, which attracted students like David Brooks, who has been a spokesperson for the conservatism of its founder William F. Buckley.  The National Review was scheduled to host a GOP primary debate until it published an entire issue of its magazine that was critical of Donald Trump.  The Republican National Committee decided that it would be inappropriate to have the National Review host the debate.  The new Republican Party is not the Buckley or Brooks party.

The GOP primary campaign reflects the changes that have been underway in the GOP for some time.  The emergence of Donald Trump and Ted Cruz during the campaign reflect the changes in the GOP electorate.  The RNC has been put in tough position.  Donald Trump or Ted Cruz may win the nomination.  Neither of them are favorites within the GOP leadership but the RNC must support the candidate who is nominated by the Party.  Ted Cruz represents the Tea Party movement within the Party and he is not liked by most of his colleagues in the GOP Senate.  Some leading Republicans believe that he could not win a general election.  Many believe that Donald Trump, could win a general election. 

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