Sunday, January 17, 2016

Scott Walker Turns Wisconsin Into A Koch Brothers' Paradise

The Koch brothers have been leading a movement to implement laws at the state level that they would like to see at the national level.  Wisconsin's Governor, with the help of a Republican legislature, has followed the blueprint of the ALEC program in Wisconsin.  This editorial describes the steps that he has taken to establish Wisconsin as an "employee at will" state.  He has also eviscerated Wisconsin's progressive civil service laws which were designed to protect government administrators from partisan politicians.  Wisconsin, which was once a model for progressive state government, now looks like Arizona, and other conservative states, which had an easier time following the ALEC model.  A government run by partisan ideologues, with total political control, may be where we are headed.  Democracy is the enemy that ALEC is attacking. We will continue to have elections but they will become meaningless as unlimited corporate funding of political campaigns becomes the rule.

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