Monday, September 19, 2016

A Leading Republican Journalist Has Given Up On Her Party

Jennifer Rubin has been given a platform by the Washington Post to present and defend conservative policies and ideals associated with the Republican Party.  Donald Trump's nomination, and the decision by Republican leaders to support his presidential campaign, has created an existential crisis for Rubin. She argues that a political party that places the interests of the party over the interests of our nation is no longer credible.  She is now a Republican who has lost her political home.

Donald Trump spent five years building his support among racists who could not accept Obama as their president by claiming that President Obama was not born in the US.  Trump must believe that he can improve his chances in the November election by changing his mind about Obama's birthplace.  It will increase his appeal to moderates, and his racist supporters will not vote for Hillary Clinton.  However,  it has been hard for Trump surrogates in his campaign to explain his about face on Obama's birthplace.  Trump's campaign manager was asked to explain his reasoning to CNN and other journalists.  Rubin included the interviews in her article.  Trump's campaign manager was put in tough spot by the reporters who refused to let her duck the question that they asked.  She tried her best to change the focus from Trump to Hillary Clinton by asserting that Clinton initiated the birther claim and that Trump was just following her lead.  The reporters did not let her off of the hook. They kept asking her to explain why Trump has been making the false claim about Obama's birthplace for five years.  She had no answers for the reporters. She kept shifting the focus back to the false claim that Hillary Clinton was original birther advocate.  We can expect Trump to follow the same strategy in the upcoming debates with Clinton.  He always tries to change the subject when he is asked a tough question by raising an unrelated question about his opponents.  Hopefully, the debate moderators will be as tough as the reporters that Rubin cited in this article.  Trump needs to be exposed as the liar whose rise in the Republican Party has caused her to lose her political home.

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