Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Could President Trump Turn The US Into Poland?

Anne Applebaum describes what has happened in Poland's government to what might happen in the US if Trump becomes our president.  The president of Poland has employed a conspiracy theory, that has no basis in fact, to justify actions which concentrate power in the executive branch at the expense of Polish democracy. Applebaum did not believe that this could happen in Poland.  She argues that Donald Trump's rise to power in the Republican Party was based upon the birther conspiracy that he championed for five years.  Trump's base responds well to conspiracy theories of all kinds, and it is also insensitive to contradictory facts.  She describes how a President Trump might operate like the Polish president has done to consolidate power by employing powerful conspiracy theories. She does not believe that this could happen in the US but she worries because she did believe that this could happen in Poland.  Moreover, very few believed that Trump could win the GOP nomination.  Its hard to predict what a President Trump might do after assuming power.

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