Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Tom Friedman Can't Believe That We Could Choose A Clown For Our President

Tom Friedman watched the first presidential debate in horror.  Hillary Clinton got a passing grade but The Donald would have been better off if he had not shown up for the debate.  He has no idea about any of the topics under discussion, beyond the sound bites that uses on the campaign trail, and most of them are foolish lies. 

Friedman is not alone in assessment of The Donald.  The Arizona Republic has never endorsed a Democrat for president in its long history.  The Republic and major newspapers in other red states have also endorsed Clinton.  Many of their readers are not happy about this but the publishers have put the national interest ahead of their business interests.  Its a pity that the Republican Party leadership has failed to perform a similar civic duty.  They are too concerned about loosing the base that The Donald has won over to his side.  Most of the them are low information voters but there are also a large number of Republicans that should know better.  They must believe that The Donald can be controlled by a GOP Congress.  He will certainly recruit more traditional Republicans for advisers and for cabinet positions.  They will do little that will be of benefit to most of The Donald's base of supporters.

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