Monday, September 26, 2016

Why The NY Times Ediitorial Board Does Not Support Donald Trump

The Editorial Board of the NY Times lists all of the reasons why Donald Trump should not become the President of the United States.  Its hard to imagine anyone less qualified to become the nation's president.  Its even harder to understand why so many citizens are going to vote for him.  Most of his supporters are sold on Trump as a celebrity personality who is different from the typical politicians who don't speak their language.  They don't get their information from the NY Times; they are informed by alternative media sources that extol Trump's virtues.  Many of them believe that the "mainstream media" have a liberal bias;  liberalism and progressivism are hateful to them.  Political polarization has never been as strong or as institutionalized as it is today in America.  Trump understands the polarization and he exploits it. The debates between Trump and Clinton won't change the outcome of the election very much.

Its one thing to be critical of the poorly informed segment of Trump's base but over 80% of registered Republicans intend to vote for Donald Trump.  Many of them are well informed but they believe that President Trump will behave like a traditional Republican after the election.  Trump's political campaign is primarily an advertising campaign designed to exploit a large market segment.  He will be totally compatible with the Republican Congress when he assumes the presidency and he will stack the Supreme Court with fellow conservatives.  Trump's improvement in the recent polls reflects the increase in his support from reluctant Republicans.

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