Sunday, September 25, 2016

NY Times Endorses Hillary Clinton For President

The editorial board of the NYT explains why Hillary Clinton would be an excellent president.  The editorial board did not argue that we should vote for Clinton because her opponent would be a terrible choice.  They examined her strengths and weaknesses and concluded that her strengths overwhelmed the handful of mistakes that she made over a long and successful career in government.  Ordinarily, the editorial board would have compared the policies proposed by each candidate, and it would have endorsed the candidate who advanced the best approaches to the major problems that the nation faces.  The editorial board chose not to do so for a good reason.  Donald Trump is an empty suit; he has made extravagant claims about the problems that we face and he has not offered a detailed proposal on how the government would address any of them.  He claims that he should be our next president because he is Donald Trump.

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