Saturday, September 17, 2016

The Climate Change Denier Club

The science community has little doubt about the climate change and its relationship to human activity.  We are currently experiencing some of the effects of climate change across our planet.  When I read articles in the press, about some of the climate problems that we are experiencing today, I usually scan through the comments to sample the reactions to the warnings about climate change.  It is distressing to read so many comments from individuals who believe that they are better informed on the subject than climate scientists.  Many consider it a badge of honor to show off their grasp of the subject.  They have received their education on the subject from a small group of climate change deniers and they take great pleasure in putting their superior knowledge on display.  They get most of their information from a well funded cadre of climate change deniers whose views in the subject are readily available on cable news networks and the social media.  This article provides a glimpse into the climate change denier community that has enabled so many commentators to demonstrate their knowledge on the subject which is superior to that of the scientific community.

Like most Republicans, Donald Trump is also a climate change denier.  It could not be otherwise.  It is part of a belief system that has been firmly established in his base of supporters by the climate change denial industry described in this article.  Climate change denial fits nicely into a political party devoted to shrinking government.  Its presidential candidate has the impossible dream of making America Great Again by limiting the role of government in society.

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