Monday, April 17, 2017

A Chamber Of Commerce Dream Come True

Donald Trump has asked businesses and their aligned trade associations to submit a list of government regulations that they don't like.  Republicans have always opposed government regulations that add to their costs.  This article lists the government agencies that have been most affected by the recommendations from trade associations.  The Environmental Protection Agency has been the biggest target by the trade associations.  Clean air, clean water and the reduction of carbon emissions has taken a back seat to cost reduction.  The labor department took the next biggest hit.  Worker safety and other protections drew a lot of attention from the trade assoiciations.

Its easy to understand why trade associations lobby to cut costs for their clients.  Its not as easy to see how this will stimulate economic activity and create jobs without having a negative impact on the environment and on the safety and security of the labor force.  For many firms these concerns are secondary to their bottom line.  Unfortunately, many firms do care about sustainability and about their work force.  They will be affected by the race to the bottom that will be unleashed by Trump.

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