Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Trump's EPA Appointee Gets Crushed On Fox News

Donald Trump gave the fossil fuel industry good value in return for its funding of Republican political campaigns.  He appointed a lawyer from Oklahoma who has sued the EPA numerous times during his career as Oklahoma's Attorney General.  It doesn't get any better than that.  Scott Pruitt now is charge of the federal agency that is charged with protecting Americans from pollution and the effects of global warming which does not exist according Pruitt.  A lawyer, with no scientific training, is now in charge of the scientists in the EPA. 

We did not expect anything else from The Donald.  Many of his appointees are now in charge of federal agencies whose missions they do not support.  They are part of his team that will "Make America Great Again"  by dismantling the federal government agencies that do not carry weapons.  Ordinarily, The Donald's henchmen agree to be interviewed on Fox News because it typically supports Trump's agenda.  Chris Wallace pulled a surprise on Scott Pruitt.  He was not prepared to answer any questions related to the mission of the EPA.  Wallace asked his response to data which indicates that Americans will suffer from many illnesses due to his failure to enforce EPA pollution regulations.  Pruitt ignored the health issue and responded to Wallace's question like a lawyer who spent most of his life defending the fossil fuel industry from EPA regulations.  He argued that government regulations were evil (apparently because his clients don't like them).  He probably thought that his answer would be OK in Fox News.  Chris Wallace dismissed his answer and asked Pruitt him to respond to the health issue that he raised.  Pruitt could only respond like a well paid defense attorney for the fossil fuel industry.  He repeating his attack on government regulation which would ordinarily work on Fox News.  After all Fox News taught them to hate government regulation and to reject any connections to human causes of pollution or climate change.

Breitbart News was also disappointed by Scott Pruitt's response to Chris Wallace.  It attacked Pruitt for looking weak during the interview.  Breitbart expects tha a good Nazi would have gone on the attack instead of behaving like a weakling.  Pruitt may not be manly enough to perform his duty like our fearless leader in the White House should expect.

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