Monday, April 17, 2017

A New Twist In The French Election

This article describes the sudden rise in the polls of a communist candidate in France.  He is especially attractive young people who are not consistent voters.  Like Le Pen, he opposes the European Union but for different reasons.  Le Pen has based her campaign on restoring French identity.  The communist candidate opposes the neoliberal ideology that dominates in the EU.  He also argues against the power of the French presidency.  He wants a more democratic society with less income inequality than Le Pen who favors autocracy over democracy.

The strength of Le Pen, and the increased popularity of a far left candidate in France, makes an important point.  The problems in France are serious enough to attract more extreme candidates.  The center may not hold in France under these conditions.  If voters who oppose Le Pen,  but do not get a chance to vote for the far left candidate in the final election,  choose  to stay home, Le Pen could become the Donald Trump of France.

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