Sunday, April 16, 2017

Has Trump Really Changed?

Donald Trump has changed his positions on many issues.  It is tempting to believe that he is learning on the job and that his presidency may not be total disaster.  He has not convinced the editors of the NYT that he is growing on the job.  He had been calling China a currency manipulator for years and he told his base that he would not let China get away with currency manipulation.  Some of the adults in his administration told him that China has not been manipulating its currency for several years.  Apparently, that, along with a friendly meeting with the Chinese president at his Florida resort, convinced him to stop telling that lie.  Trump announced that there was "good chemistry" between him and the Chinese president.  That signals to Trump that he can make a deal with China.  Its no longer necessary to lie about currency manipulation.  Trump the deal maker has no real principles according to this editorial.  It goes over a long list of Trump's positions on important issues and some of the changes that he made in those positions.  It also reminds us of the lies that he continues to make.  The NYT editors are not ready to agree with those who hope that he is growing on the job.  They believe that everything that Trump does or claims is self serving.  That is how the great deal maker keeps score.

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