Thursday, April 13, 2017

Trump's Campaign Is Over. He May Realize That He Is A Republican President

Donald Trump campaigned as if he could turn Putin into an ally.  Indeed, he did receive help during his campaign from Russia. However, he has not welcomed the attention that he has been receiving about Russia's intervention in his campaign.  Moreover, several of his policy initiatives have failed badly.  Steve Bannon, who does not understand the role of the Republican congress in policy formation, contributed his policy failure.  Bannon's declaration of war against the media has also been a failure.  The Washington Post and the NYT have only stepped up their criticism of Trump.  They have prospered from the Trump attacks.  Trump seems to have decided that he can't run our country as a renegade.  He is not inhibited by any principles.  Consequently, he is likely to stop throwing bombs at the government and senior Republicans who have been unhappy with his policies.  Some might say that he is fickle.  The more likely explanation is that he is still learning how to be a president.

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