Tuesday, January 30, 2018

David Brooks Argues That Republicans Have Become The East Germany Of 21st Century

Trumpism is all about catering to rural Americans who are intolerant of immigration for a variety of specious reasons.  David Brooks has left his reservation within his favorite political party.  He claims that West Germany became prosperous while East Germany's economy stagnated. That proved that capitalism worked better than communism.  The most dynamic part of the US economy is centered in cities that have embraced immigration.  Rural Americans have rejected immigration and its economy has stagnated.  Rural America, and the Republican Party that depends on their votes, has stagnated. Rural America and the Republican Party are the East Germany of our century.  They have proved that the lack of diversity, that comes from immigration, is responsible for the lack of dynamism that is necessary for economic prosperity.  Communism didn't work and neither does restricting immigration.

It has taken David Brooks a long time to come to this conclusion.  He was never happy with Donald Trump as the leader of his political party.  He now realizes that he has infected his political party with a dread disease. It is as bad as communism.

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