Thursday, January 25, 2018

Inside The Conspiracy To Destroy Trump's Presidency

This satire by Dana Milbank lists the members of the secret society that opposes Trump.  The media stars from Fox News, Breitbart and fearless Republican members of Congress have taken on the task of exposing the conspiracy.  They have even listed the negative things that the fake media are reporting about Trump in an effort to destroy his presidency.  Members of the "deep state" in the secret society include senior FBI officials, and perhaps everyone who lives in blue states or who graduated from college.  The billionaire George Soros is the treasurer of the secret society.

This article describes the efforts of Republicans to discredit the ongoing investigations of Trump and his campaign in the 2016 election. The Justice Department strongly criticized the release of classified information that was provided to congressional committees. The House intelligence committee chair has been leaking information selectively to raise questions about the FBI's integrity. Instead of investigating the interference in the US election, the Chairman is focused on protecting Trump and his campaign.

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