Friday, January 12, 2018

Why Did Trump Cancel His State Trip To London?

Trump tweeted that he cancelled his state visit to London because Obama sold the existing US Embassy in a great location to pay for the new embassy in a bad location.  As usual his tweets are often lies or misleading.  The decision to sell the US embassy and move to its new location was made by President Bush in 2008.  The sale was completed during the Obama administration.  Trump was also miffed that he was not invited to royal wedding.  President Obama has been invited to the royal wedding.  Trump is also very unpopular in London.  There would have been mass protests if he had appeared in London for a state visit.  Trump is smart about the optics of mass protests.  He is more comfortable visiting states where he will be welcomed without protests.  He also makes most of his domestic visits to red states where he has more fans and where protests are less likely.

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