Saturday, January 6, 2018

Trump Is Not Stupid: He Is A Genuis

Following the release of a book which paints a chaotic picture of the Trump White House, and which quotes several of Trump's aides who complain about his lack of attention and his lack of intelligence, we learn that Trump is really a genius.  How do we know that he is a genius?  Trump used his Twitter account to proclaim his genius.  His critic wrote a book after a year of interviewing Trump aides.  Trump showed that he really is a genius.  It only took a couple of tweets to make his case.  Along the way he also dispensed with Steve Bannon who was a source of several quotes in the critical book.  Bannon is now the sloppy strategist who helped him to get elected by with his populist strategy and by inventing the idea of the "deep state" to justify Trump's attack on institutions which limit executive power.  According to Trump, Bannon begged for his job when he was fired by Trump, perhaps for being improperly dressed.  Trump, of course, had demonstrated his genius by using the proper uniform in the White House that always includes an extra long tie that goes well with all of his navy blue suits.

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