Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Trump Tells N.Korea That He Does Not Have Small Hands

During the GOP primaries Donald Trump referred to Senator Rubio as "little Marco".  Rubio fired back by pointing out that Trump had small hands.  Of course, Trump understood the reference to his small hands and he retorted by defending his manhood.  Trump is now conducting foreign policy with N.Korea via Twitter.  He tweeted about Kim's physical stature and his oversized tummy.  This morning Trump took his tweets to a new level.  He told Kim that his button on our nuclear bomb launcher was bigger than Kim's button.  It would be a mistake for Kim to mess with a president who has a bigger button than he has.  Trump's manhood should not be questioned.

We can laugh about Trump's use of Twitter to conduct foreign policy, and his hang up about his manhood, but this article describes how the Trump administration conducts foreign policy and it is not funny.  Our Ambassador to the UN feels free to make up her own foreign policy and our Secretary of State seems to have his own view of our foreign policy.  Trump seems to be out of the loop. He is too busy tweeting insults, and asserting his manhood, to consult with his foreign policy team,  Moreover, he seems to have no interest in reading intelligence briefings.  They have too many words; they do not provide good material for his Twitter account.  He prefers to continue running his presidential campaign.  His tweets are all about his power and authority.  He told his base that he was the only person strong enough to defend them from all of our enemies.  His Twitter account provides a full list of our mortal enemies.  It turns out that many of our enemies are presidents and elected officials who preceded him.  They were too weak to protect our nation.  Apparently, they did not make effective use of their Twitter accounts.

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