Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Jennifer Rubin Wonders What Version Of Trumpism Will Show Up On State Of Union Address

Jennifer Rubin has been one of the conservative Republican reporters at the Washington Post for many years.  Her love affair with the Republican Party expired after it determined that it would pay any price to cut taxes for its campaign donors.  She expects that Trump may follow the advice of his advisors and act presidential this evening by reading from the teleprompter.  However, the real Donald Trump appears regularly on his Twitter account.  It will be a challenge for Trump to stay on script without reverting to self worship.  His advisors are probably holding their breath while he acts like a bipartisan president who claims that he wants to unite our nation.  There is always a chance that the fake Donald Trump will give way to the real Donald Trump.  If Trump stays on script the media will be pleased to welcome the fake Donald Trump to the presidency. On the other hand, Trump's base may be disappointed.  They voted for the Twitter Trump.

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