Saturday, December 11, 2010

2011 GOP House Selects Health Subcommitte Chair

Upton was chosen this week to lead the panel in the new Congress. Upton in turn quickly appointed Rep. Joe Pitts (Pennsylvania) to lead the panel’s Subcommittee on Health. In a statement issued immediately thereafter, Pitts proclaimed, “We need to repeal Obamacare and replace it with something better.” Pitts also pledged to support “market-based solutions” that “won’t bankrupt the treasury.” FEN expects Reps. Upton and Pitts to move on this pledge early in the new Congress. Information on these Representatives can be found on their official websites, available through links.

This appeared on the Free Enterprise Nation website. Apparently, the GOP has staffed this committee to repeal the current healthcare reform bill. Moreover, they will advocate a market based solution to healthcare reform. Kenneth Arrow's research on healthcare economics concluded that healthcare does not conform to our normal understanding of a market for a variety of reasons. Trying to adapt healthcare to a market based systems means only one thing. The attempt to ration healthcare services by use of the price system. That, of course, is how markets work and we ordinarily think of it as a reasonable system. We only buy what we can afford. The application of this idea to healthcare violates most of our views on medical ethics and social equity.

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