Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Destruction of a Birther with Facts

It's hard to imagine that this post is even necessary, but unfortunately, we all have acquaintances who get their facts over the internet from hate groups. The birther in this video is a state rep from Texas who proposed a law that any future candidate for president must submit proof of citizenship to the Texas legislature. This of course puts Texas in a rather peculiar position of usurping federal jurisdiction over national law. I guess this just shows how they think in Texas. After all they have the oil companies and America's football team in Texas. In any case, Anderson Cooper gets this guy to expose us to all of the nonsense that he believes to be true and then he confronts him with facts that would embarrass any normal person. I doubt that this will affect this birther. He will just retreat back to his district in Texas where ordinary folks who prefer rumors to facts reside. You, however, may have
birther acquaintances who might not to move to Texas or Alaska. Show the video and watch them squirm.

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