Friday, December 3, 2010

Healthcare in Arizona

The Arizona legislature cut life saving medical transplants for Medicaid patients from its budget. Some people were willing to donate an organ to a stranger but the patient was unable to pay for the surgery. You may recall that the GOP criticized the health care reform bill on the grounds that it would ration health care to senior citizens. The Arizona governor who pushed the bill through the legislature is trying to put the blame on "Obamacare". The people have not been fooled on this one. They are calling it Brewercare after Governor Brewer.

This issue brings out an important point. A member of the legislature, when confronted with the possible death of a citizen who could not afford to pay for a transplant, shrugged (perhaps like Atlas) and suggested that he raise the money. This of course is price rationing. Most of us see a difference between using the price system to limit access to a luxury car, and when it is used to limit access to life saving medical care. The Arizona legislature says "let them eat cake".

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