Monday, December 20, 2010

Celebration of Southern Secession from the Union

Today is the anniversary of the Secession from the union that is being celebrated in South Carolina. The lofty rationale for the secession is that the federal government was usurping the rights of states. This is the common theme of the Tea Party in the south. They claim to be libertarians who are fighting to protect states rights against a socialist federal government. A less lofty view of the rationale is that slaves were private property and that abolitionists in the north were a threat to private property. The linked article shows that the later argument was the primary reason given by several states for support of secession. Most of the Tea Party folks that I have met can't spell libertarian and they would impose their view of American values on the rest of us if they had the opportunity. The civil war is still going on and it isn't for lofty reasons.

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