Friday, December 3, 2010

Extensive Examination of JP Morgan's CEO

Jamie Dimon did a better job running JP Morgan that most of his peers. That may be a low standard, but he has survived, along with his company, better than most. This article describes his management style and his vision for JP Morgan. He wants JP Morgan to become an even bigger global bank than it is already. He envisions 50% of his revenues coming from international markets. This raises questions about whether we are moving from the problem of being to big to fail to becoming to big to save as suggested by Simon Johnson. JP Morgan has $2 trillion in assets today and the plan is to grow the asset base rapidly overseas. When the asset base a of bank becomes large relative to GDP, and internationally entwined, it may become to big to save much in the way that the Irish banks have become to big to be saved by Ireland. The impaired assets of the Irish banks, and the capital they required, was larger than the national GDP. Ireland has become dependent upon international intervention to restore its banking system and its economy.

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