Monday, April 14, 2014

Charles Koch Makes The Mistake Of Defending Himself

Good attorney's are very careful about putting their clients on the witness stand.  Some do good job and others make their situation worse.   The Wall Street Journal provided a platform for Charles Koch to defend himself.  The editors of the WSJ did not do him a favor.  He presents himself as one who suffers from character assassination by "collectivists" and those who adhere to the philosophy of a German philosopher who had an influence on Hitler.  His critics, who inform the public about the millions that he is spending to influence politics in the US, and to misinform the public about global warming are the enemies of the individual.  He of course is the individual, and his critics should not be believed because they are "collectivists".  His defense is to assassinate the character of his critics who attack his character.  It is no wonder that he is spending millions to put those who share his philosophy in government.  He shares the philosophy of his father who was a founder of the John Birch Society that was built upon paranoia.  It fell apart when it went too far in its battle against "collectivism" in the 1950's.  It accused President Eisenhower of being a communist sympathizer.  It was not a good idea to make that accusation about a Republican president who was also a war hero and a very popular president.   Making the same accusation about his critics tells us more about why we should worry about Charles Koch than we should worry about his critics.

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