Monday, April 21, 2014

How Do Plutocrats Get Into Heaven?

We have two kinds of plutocrats.  We have the bad plutocrats like the Koch Brothers who use their wealth to purchase favorable government policies.  We have some good plutocrats who want to help the poor.  The former mayor of New York City is a good plutocrat.  This article describes his motives and the policies that he advocated to gain access to heaven.  He is compared to good plutocrats from previous generations who had similar motivations.  The reforms that they advocated were directed towards improving the morality and behavior of the poor.  They were not interested in lessening the income gap between themselves and the poor.  In their view, the world needed plutocrats to guide their behavior in a way did not threaten plutocracy itself.  Plutocracy is not that much different from aristocracy.  The good plutocrats and the good aristocrats were guided by enlightened self-interest.

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