Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Senate Intelligence Investigation Committee Report Highly Critical of CIA

The final report by the Senate Intelligence Investigation Committee has not been released, but much of the information that is critical of the CIA is contained in this article.  The methods used by the CIA, as described in this article, were brutal and consistent with any definition of torture.  CIA officers even refused to participate in one of the CIA's secret sites in Thailand.  The report also concludes that the CIA lied about the value of the information that was obtained by torturing detainees.  Most the information that proved to valuable was discovered prior to the use of torture.  We should learn something from this report.  When the executive branch of the government provides a signal to the CIA that it can do whatever it wants to do, it will do so.  I would hope that what John McCain said about the use of torture by the CIA is correct.  He said that "we are better than that".

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