Sunday, April 27, 2014

Windpower Versus Koch Brother Power In Kansas

The battle for the environment has been taken to the state level.  A variety of conservative activist groups are trying to roll back EPA mandates and state supported targets for the use of renewable energy.  This article describes the conservative organizations, aligned with the fossil fuel industries, who are leading the roll back effort at the state level.  This article provides details on the battle underway in Kansas.  The Koch brothers are headquartered in Kansas, which is a Republican state, but environmentalists in Kansas are holding their own in the battle.

Kansas is not the only state where efforts to roll back mandates and EPA regulations are underway.  A conservative organization called ALEC is the umbrella organization.  It is active in a number of states.  It claims to be a defender of "free markets".  Its definition of free markets is synonymous with the business interests of the fossil fuel industry. Government mandates which set the percent of energy produced by renewable energy reduce the value of their vast reserves of coal and oil.

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