Monday, April 28, 2014

The Elevation Of Ignorance And Fear In Our Electoral System

One of the problems with our political system is evident in Georgia.  The NRA, which is a lobbyist for gun manufacturers has had a profound influence on politics in the US.  It has created an alarm among citizens with a powerful emotional attachment to guns, that the government is intent upon disarming them.  This increases their contempt for government "elites" who don't understand ordinary people and it makes them susceptible to politicians who prey on their anxieties.  In the confederate states, and in much of rural America, politicians have discovered that they can win elections by easing restrictions on the right to bear arms.  The state legislature in Georgia has passed a law which grants its citizens the right to bear arms when they go to church. It has also made it easier for its gun toting citizens to enter public buildings bearing arms.  Its hard to imagine how this is in the public interest but it has been a proven way to get elected in Georgia.  Even worse, it tramples upon the rights of the emotionally undisturbed to attend public events without having to worry about some crazy person who can use a weapon to overcome a feeling of powerlessness or to express their unhappiness with government. 

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