Wednesday, May 7, 2014

A Leading Republican Admonishes GOP On Climate Change

The GOP has been blocking efforts to address climate change in the US.  They have convinced the Tea Party wing of the party that climate change is a fiction.  A recent poll showed that 79% of Tea Party members are not convinced about the science behind climate change.  In order to support its fossil fuel industry supporters, which provide a lot of the funding for the GOP, and its Tea Party base which provides the votes, the GOP has become the anti-science party.  This article, by an old fashioned conservative, and a former GOP governor of Utah  quotes an opinion by Teddy Roosevelt which shows that protecting the environment is consistent with conservative principles and the history of the Republican Party.  Resisting efforts to address climate change by appealing to faith, and to free market principles,  may doom his party to becoming the "party of the stupid" as the GOP governor of Louisiana also warned party leaders.

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