Monday, May 19, 2014

Robert Samuelson Puts His Spin On Geithner's New Book

Robert Samuelson reviews the recent book written by Timothy Geithner which reflects on his experiences during the financial crisis.  Samuelson's op-ed in the Washington Post is not really a review of Geithner's book.  The review provided him with an excuse to reach a conclusion which does not follow from the material he chose to include in his review.  Samuelson used the cover of a book review to confirm one of his philosophical biases.  He tells us that the most important lesson to be learned from the book is that government efforts to moderate short term business cycles always produce bad results.  I was under the impression that the book was about the government's efforts to prevent the collapse of the financial system.  I'm sure that Tim Geithner would be surprised to learn that it was about something else.

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