Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Climate Change Linked To National Defense Issues

A report from the Center for Naval Analyses Military Advisory Board Board concluded that climate change is already increasing conflict and terrorism and that rising sea levels will affect US naval facilities.  Conflicts in Africa are increasingly related to a decrease in arable land.  The Sahara desert is expanding into areas that once provided food to millions of Africans.  Rising sea levels will also create problems in parts of Asia and coastal cities in America.  Norfolk, Virginia is the home for the largest naval base in the world and it is at risk from rising sea levels.  The Defense Department is taking the threat from climate changes seriously.  It will affects its mission and its readiness to defend American interests.

The Republican Senator from Oklahoma, who is on the Armed Forces Committee, disagrees with the conclusions of the military about the threat from climate change.  Rather than discussing the scientific data which led to the conclusions, he chose to attack the motivations of the military personnel who authored the report.  He claims that retired military officers are always looking for new ways to receive publicity.  The increase in the number and intensity of tornadoes that have hit Oklahoma in recent years have not altered his views about climate change.  His opinion about climate change is shared by the oil industry executives in Oklahoma.

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