Monday, May 12, 2014

Climate Science Is Wrong Because Einstein Was Right

Charles Krauthammer is provided with a platform by the Washington Post which he usually uses to attack the foreign policies of the Obama Administration.  Krauthammer has turned his attention to climate policy now that the EPA has become more active in limiting carbon emissions.  He used his platform to explain why it is a fallacy to argue that global warming is real because 97% of the research supports the conclusion that our planet is warming.  He did not have to go far to discover the fallacy.  It is a common argument made by global warming denialists.  They argue that science does not progress by accepting the views of the majority.  For example, Einstein's theory of relativity showed that Newton's concept of gravity was wrong.  It then follows that the small number of cranks, who disagree with the majority of climate scientists,  are Einsteins and that majority of climate scientists must be wrong.  If Krauthammer is looking for a fallacy, he does not have to go much further than the fallacious reasoning that he uses to attack climate science.  Moreover, if he really cared about Einstein's ideas on this subject he should have become more familiar with what Einstein said about his path to the theory of relativity.  Einstein said that "he stood on the shoulders of giants".  He would not have found the way to relativity without Newton and the other great physicists who preceded him.

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