Saturday, May 10, 2014

Is Healthcare Reform In America An Assault on Liberty?

Ronald Reagan told us that Medicare was an assault on liberty.  Public support for Medicare shows that it enhanced the liberty of many Americans. They are able to enjoy their remaining years with affordable health insurance.  The next step in healthcare reform might have made Medicare available to all Americans.  That was politically impossible because it would have eliminated private insurers from the healthcare system.  The Affordable Care Act was the conservative alternative.  It made private insurance more affordable for millions of Americans.  Ironically, it has been attacked by the GOP as an assault on personal liberty.  They mistakenly, call this system in which private insurers make payments to private healthcare providers socialism.  Paul Krugman explains how the ACA has enhanced personal liberty in this article.  Medicare was not an assault on personal liberty and neither has the ACA diminished personal freedom.  Apparently, however, the success of ACA after a disastrous roll-out of its computer system, has left the GOP with no choice but to revive the Reagan myth about the destruction of personal liberty. The implication is that the freedom of the uninsured to abstain from medical care enhances personal liberty. 

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