Saturday, May 10, 2014

Ted Cruz Presents His False List Of Obama Greivances To The Federalist Society

Ted Cruz is a highly educated senator from Texas.  He graduated from Princeton and got his law degree from Harvard.  Perhaps, that is why the conservative Federalist Society invited him to speak at their meeting.  This article describes the extensive list of criminal grievances which he attributes to Obama.  Cruz would get a failing mark on this list if he had presented them to the Harvard faculty when he was in law school. Dan Milbank did an excellent job on grading the list provided by Cruz. The more important question, however, is not about the character of the junior senator from Texas who has an ambition to run the presidency.  We should be more concerned about why the Federalist Society invited Cruz to criminalize the president.  Its members are judges who play an important role in interpreting federal laws.  They did not give Cruz a failing grade on his presentation.  That is a real problem.

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