Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Obama Is Preparing To Announce EPA Rules To Limit Carbon From Coal

The world is waiting for the US to announce its plans to limit carbon emissions from 600 electric utilities that burn coal.  This is the largest single source of carbon emissions in the US.  China is the largest emitter of carbon and it is awaiting the US announcement.  If the US plan is aggressive China may follow suit. 

As one might expect the fossil fuel industry is prepared to resist efforts to reduce carbon emissions.  The resistance is expected to come from nations, like Russia and Saudi Arabia, whose economies are based upon fossil fuel production.  It will also be resisted by the Republican Party in the US Congress.  The fossil fuel industry is a major contributor to its political campaigns, and the party has taught its cognitively challenged base to be skeptical about global warming.  Many of them also reject the theory of evolution, and Republican politicians cater to their preferences.

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