Friday, November 20, 2015

David Brooks Explains Why Hillary Has A Better Strategy For The Mid-East

Hillary Clinton's speech on Mid-East policy and ISIS was an order of magnitude better than anything that has come from the clowns in his favorite political party.  The GOP clowns flexed their muscles and growled at ISIS.  That convinced Brooks, who really understands the dynamics in the Mid-East, that none of the GOP candidates knows what they are talking about.  Clinton spent eight years in the White House during her husband's administration, and she has headed up foreign policy in the Obama Administration.  Its not surprising that she is better informed about world affairs, and that she has a perspective that is appropriate for the presidency.  David Brooks is smart enough to recognize the difference between Clinton and the pretenders running for the GOP nomination.  Hopefully, the American public will recognize the difference between ignorant bluster and informed analysis.

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