Friday, November 13, 2015

The Political Party For The 21st Century Or The 17th Century?

Deep thinkers like David Brooks claim that the Republican Party has the ideas that will make it the Party of the 21st Century.  His favorite candidate presented himself as a 21st Century presidential candidate in the last debate.  Brooks believes that conservative think tanks have developed the ideas that will propel the GOP into our current century which is already 15 years old.  If the conservative think tanks have 21st Century ideas they have not found a home among the current GOP candidates.  Their ideas about economic policy are not even relevant for the 20th Century.  The basic problem with the economic ideas proposed in the last debate is that they are wrong.  Most of the articles about the last debate focused on which candidate scored the most points with the likely voters in the GOP primary.  This article examined the economic policies proposed by the candidates and gave them a failing grade.  None of them would have received a passing grade in economics 101.  Hopefully, they were just preaching bad economics to voters who don't understand economics.  If not, and any of them get elected, we are in deep trouble.

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