Tuesday, November 17, 2015

GOP Candidates Compete For Being Toughest On Syrian Refugees

The terrible disaster in Paris has inspired the intellectual pygmies in the GOP in a fear mongering contest.  The Republican Party looks more like the fringe parties in Europe that prey on the fears of their citizens.  They are much better at that game than they are at dealing with the source of the problem in Syria and the rest of the Mid-East.  Many believe that Bush's decision to invade Iraq accelerated the rise of terrorism in the Mid-East.  He used the 9/11 attack to falsely justify his war.  The Sunnis who were driven out of power in Iraq have become ISIS and they occupy Western Iraq.  The ISIS strategy is recruit terrorists to defend Islam against its enemies.  The Republican Party's war against Islam  serves their purpose well.  The Republican Party is more interested in using the Paris attacks in the 2016 election cycle than they are in fixing the mess in the Mid-East.

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