Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The Complex Wars In Syria and Parts Of Mid-East

This article provides an interesting analysis of the conflict in Syria.  There is a civil war in Syria between the Assad government and rebel forces.  The US supports the rebels and Russia supports Assad.  The US also opposes ISIS along with Saudi Arabia and Sunni groups.  Russia is disinterested in ISIS except where they effect Assad.  Kurdish forces have been attempting to gain control over parts of the Mid-East and Turkey.  They have been the most effective force against ISIS but the US alliance with the Kurds is difficult because they are not on good terms with Turkey which is an important ally of the US.  This article provides graphs which help to clarify the complexity.  Its hard to see a good end game to the wars in Syria.  There is also a risk that some accident could occur which could bring the US and Russia into conflict.

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