Saturday, November 28, 2015

What's Holding Back The US Economy?

The answer to the title question is simple: the Republican Party is holding back the economy.  The NY Times published an article that provides some suggestions on what we might do the improve the economy.  The suggestions were all pretty good but they are politically impossible because the Republican Party is no longer a political party that is concerned about the public welfare.  It has captured many Americans who have suffered from changes in the labor market by blaming their problems on government.  Consequently, the GOP will block any efforts to improve the welfare of those affected by changes in the labor market and claim that getting rid of government is the solution.  The GOP will also promote policies that benefit their financial backers at the expense of the right wing populists who follow them.  The right wing populists provide the votes and the super rich finances GOP campaigns.  It is a marriage made in hell. but it has helped the GOP to win elections.

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