Tuesday, November 3, 2015

How To Improve The GOP Debates

The debates are supposed to sell the Republican Party to the electorate.  They are also supposed to find the candidate that has the best chance to win the national election.  The debates have not been working for the Party or for many of the candidates.  A lot of Republicans have been holding the noses during the debates and they can't believe that they belong to the same Party.  Moreover, the candidates that are doing best in the polls following the debates are not the ones who have the best chance of winning the national election.  Consequently, the Republican National Committee has be working with the TV networks and the candidates to improve the image of the Party and the candidates.   A Washington Post reporter applied for the moderator job in the next debate in this public letter (a joke of course).  The needed changes that he proposed help to illustrate the problems that the Party faces.  They also make fun of the changes requested by the RNC.  The RNC would be better off if the debates were cancelled.  The candidates are trying to sell themselves to the most likely primary voters who don't represent the bulk of the electorate.

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