Wednesday, November 18, 2015

European and US Right Wing Populism And Donald Trump

This article describes the concerns of many European and American populists.  Donald Trump has tapped into those concerns more than the other GOP candidates.  Most of the populists in the US no longer believe that government is responsive to their needs.  That is one of the reasons why Trump and Ben Carson, who have no experience in politics, share almost 50% of the support among GOP primary voters in the most recent poll.  The remaining 14 candidates, most of whom are politicians, share the remaining 50% in the polls.  The terrorist attacks in Paris play into Trump's strong suit.  His anti-immigration stance goes well beyond the stance taken by the other candidates who hold anti-immigration views.  Trump also has many things in common with well known right wing populists in European history.  Populists respond well to leaders who appear strong and confident.  They detest weakness, perhaps because they demand significant change; they also sense their own weakness in public affairs.  Nativism is alive and well in the US and in Europe.

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